The integration flow allows developers or project owners to integrate with Securo-hosted transaction page services with minimum effort. As Securo provides on-chain transaction processing, the Session API allows developers to easily execute blockchain transaction across multiple channels and devices on a single page with one integration.

Product list used with transaction session approach

  1. Decentralised Exchange Swap (DeX Swap)
  2. Index Funds

Integrate with Session API

1. User deposits/withdraws or swaps token and proceed for the transaction.

2. Developer is required to request a webview session from Securo.

3. Securo returns the webview session to developer apps.

4. Developer apps redirects user to the hosted transaction page with session ID. User connects Metamask/Wallet Connect wallet and confirm the transaction on this page.

5. Securo sends transaction to the blockchain for validation and execution.

6. Blockchain protocols (DeFi protocols) execute the transactions and confirm with transaction receipt on-chain.

7. Securo sends backend notification to user and redirects user to developer confirmation page.

8. Securo sends the webhook data to developer for developer further actions.